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The rise of HTML5 introduces lot of new elements for markup. Some are dedicated for titles as the Microdata attributes or Microformat. What about if you want to benefit of it? Actually, your prefered CMS doesn't allow markup adding directly into the title input and/or you can't imagine loosing the simple way to write headings.

This Textpattern CMS plugin made for the french editor Alexipharmaque éditions website allows to add some specifics attributes and properties into your headings by cutting parts of the text based on a delimiter included into your article titles.

Plugin help content:


In remplacement of the <txp:title /> tag:

<txp:pat_title adjustment=" " limiter=" " break=" " replacement=" " tag1=" " itemprop1=" " class1=" " tag2=" " itemprop2=" " class2=" " />

All attributes are explained just below.


  • exclude: a sign to check if it is present into the title. If set, do nothing. Default: none (empty).
  • limiter: the final text character where to apply the first part. Default: none (empty).
  • adjustment: integer. Correction to apply before the limiter if the result isn't good. Default: 0 (no correction).
  • break: an individual HTML tag to break the first part. Default: br.
  • replacement: entity used to add a no widow effect just before the limiter character.
  • tag1: HTML tag which wrap the first part of the title. Default: span.
  • itemprop1: content of the first itemprop attribute. Default: empty (none).
  • class1: class attribute applied to the first tag (tag1). Default: empty (none).
  • tag2: HTML tag which wrap the second part of the title. Default: span.
  • itemprop2: content of the second itemprop attribute. Default: empty (none).
  • class2: class attribute applied to the second tag (tag2). Default: empty (none).


<txp:pat_title adjustment="2" limiter="»" break="br" replacement=" " tag1="em" itemprop1="headline" class1="title" tag2="span" itemprop2="editor" class2="fn" />

In this example, the article title « Textpattern Solutions » friends of ED editor will be transformed like that:

<em itemprop="headline" class="title">« Textpattern Solutions »</em> <br /> <span itemprop="editor" class="fn"> friends of ED editor</span>

pat_title is available here: Download this plugin.


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